Principles, Values and Ethics

At TMS Protection we believe that we have a responsibility to improve the community, and environment that we work within. As such, all our policies are designed to ensure that employees at all levels have a positive impact on our customers business, and the persons they engage with.

To achieve this, the board recognise the need to support our employees through regular training, supporting promotion and a professional management structure.

Standards of Behaviour

Employees and sub-contractors of TMS Protection must adhere to our “CRIMES” mnemonic, on and off duty. Despite the introduction of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in 2007 our industry still has a negative reputation, so by following these 6 standards and working together as one team we can help to change this;

      • Challenging and reporting improper conduct – Not accepting behaviour that falls below our standards.
      • Respect – Always be courteous to others.
      • Integrity – Acting in an honest manner, on & off duty.
      • Minimal use of force – Only force that was proportionate, legal and necessary will be tolerated.
      • Equality and diversity in the workplace – Treating all persons we work with the same.
      • Showing empathy and confidentiality – Understanding problems and not disclosing personal information.

Our managing director believes it would be a crime for any of our staff not to follow these standards!

Supporting Our Community

The Urban Blue Bus Donation

At TMS Protection we take our work in the Maidstone night time economy seriously. Having worked closely with The Urban Blue Bus and witnessing first hand the vital service they provide, we were more than happy to support this worthwhile cause.